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5G IN INDIA: All You Need To Know About


What do you mean by the “G” in the mobile networks we have like 2g, 3g etc.?

The G stands for “generation” in terms of the network technology.

As mobile network technology is highly dynamic nowadays, new generation technology is getting implemented faster. The present 4G technology was developed and as soon as it was developed, the companies started testing it and after the testing, they worked on implementing it. Now the implementation has been done so everyone started working on 5G.

How many of you know that the network companies need to give tender with Indian network to conduct tests in 5G in India?

Yes, and also the test has been conducted in India during the last month of 2018. For this, the mobile network companies have to collaborate with the Mobile phone companies to run the test. The tender was won by Huawei along with Airtel and has successfully conducted tests in 5G in India.

5g in india

During the test run, it was revealed that the speed of 3GBPS was achieved with a band of 3.5 GHz with 100MHz bandwidth. The results show that the data speed is nearly 100 times faster than the present internet speed.

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