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Market Survey by Price Eagle

The Problem

Most of the e-commerce sites are just ignoring a major chunk of the population by providing their content in English. This ignored population is none other than the rural population of India which can barely speak English. That too in this digital era, where internet has penetrated into the nook and corner of the country, there is a huge market waiting out there for the e-commerce companies.

The Solution

To address this problem, Price Eagle has come up with an idea of having the content in 10 different local languages. These local languages include Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi and Urdu.


To study the behavior of the rural consumers, price eagle has conducted a survey. This survey has been conducted in the villages around Hyderabad in Telugu. The people were asked to try the app in the mobile and feedback was taken from them.

Market Research by Price Eagle


The consumers were surprised by looking at the price comparison option and the language option. There was certainly a positive response from them. Also some suggestions were taken to improve the sites. This also proved that the mobile phones and clothing are the most purchased goods in the e-commerce is correct since most of the people searched for the mobile phones and clothes. The suggestions included lack of awareness, search option and interface optimization.

The Heart of India (Rural India) has such a huge potential for the e-commerce but to address them, these kind of techniques has to be adapted.

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