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Doggo: A Four-Legged Robot Developed By Stanford Students

Technology is developing and we are in a state where machines do most of the work. But we need to remember that all the inventions of technology and robots are by humans. As days pass new technology emerges and so is the talent. One among them is this Doggo.

This robot can be handy during rescue and search operations. It can pick up things with an arm. It can carry small packages.

This dog looking robot can also perform acrobatics like jump and flip. It can also travel through the tougher path.

what is so special about this dog robot?

You can build this robot with a limited budget. This can be used in other projects. In addition to this, makers of this robot made the “code and the design available online for free” said Nathan Kau, lead researcher and a mechanical engineering major at Stanford University.

“We wanted Stanford Doggo to be this open source robot that others could build it by themselves on a relatively small budget,” Kau added.

Researches presented this robot at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Montreal, Canada on Tuesday. They said that they are making this project big and working for a larger version of their creation.

Doggo costs much less than any other similar bot with the similar features

“We’re hoping to provide a baseline system that anyone could build,” said team mentor Patrick Slade, aeronautics and astronautics student.

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